Case Results

  • Dismissed Attempted First Degree Murder

    Result: Dismissed upon Hearing and Motion

  • Dismissed DUI 3rd Offense and Reckless Endangerment

    Result: Dismissed upon Motion to Dismiss

  • Dismissed Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of Minor

    Result: Dismissed after Court Granted Motion to Suppress

  • $80,000 Excessive Force/Police Misconduct Use of Taser
  • $50,000 Excessive Force Local Jail Conditions

    Result: Policy Change and 50,000

  • Confidential Failure to Protect/Excessive Overcrowding of Jail

    Result: Confidential Settlement Amount

  • Confidential Physician Breach of Contract

    Result: Confidential Settlement Award

  • $100,000 Auto Injury

    Car Wreck Passenger in Vehicle

    Soft Tissue injury

    Award 100k